Salesforce Setup, Integration and Customization at Kreative Webs PVT LTD

With many years in carrying CRM services, Kreative Webs PVT LTD’s professionals can construct and customize your Salesforce solution to address your business challenges and provide you with the support for your marketing, sales and service efforts.

How we modify the Salesforce platform

Kreative Webs PVT LTD’s team is ready to alter your Salesforce solution in two different ways, which differ from each other by the level of effect on the stage, the degree of complication and of course costs.

Salesforce configuration (Level 1)

We recommend picking for Salesforce configuration when the adjustment of the data model, UI and business logic of your Salesforce solution is sufficient to meet your requirements. The list of possible configurations includes dashboards and creating reports, validation rules, and workflow, apps and tabs with default Salesforce tools like installing App Exchange applications, etc.

Salesforce customization (Level 2)

If you want precise Salesforce functionality that is impossible to obtain with configuration, we offer you Salesforce customization services. It suggests adjusting your solution with code. You need customization, when:

You have huge amounts of data and compound business logic that can’t be fully enclosed with default Salesforce functionalities.
Configured or default dashboards/reports do not mirror all the necessary data about your business procedures.
The combination with outward systems (like an ecommerce system, ERP etc.) is vital for your business.

WHY Kreative Webs PVT LTD?

We are familiar with IT business
Many years of experience in CRM development
A dedicated team of professionals on board
Salesforce partners
A team of professional Salesforce admins&developers
Industry knowledge in retail,banking, professional services,manufacturing, telecoms, healthcare, etc.

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